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Make your very own music kit and start making your own musical magic. Find out how to make a microphone, ukulele and maraca! You will need. For mid-range sounds, try making a kitchen drum set. It doesn't have to be made from kitchen items, but I think the kitchen is where you find. The many flutelike instruments create sound by causing a column of air to vibrate. In this project, you will design, build, and test your own musical instrument.

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All over the world, people use the most amazing natural objects as part of their music-making traditions. So, go ahead – grow your own musical instrument! A popular old-fashioned noise-making toy, the Chinese drum (rattle) is twisted in the hand so that the beads bounce of it and make a noise. With practise you. Do you love music? Find some instructions for making your own musical instruments. You can find instructions for four musical instruments.

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Mar 30, - A collection of DIY homemade musical instrument tutorials from around the web. See more ideas about homemade musical instruments, homemade. Pour your chosen 'noisy' items into each water bottle. · Test how the bottles sound by shaking each one. · Carefully, cut each cardboard tube straight down its. Mar 1, - Your kids can make their own musical instruments at home with simple materials, including: recycled materials: cardboard boxes and tubes.