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Active Warrants. The Alaska State Troopers request the public's assistance in providing information on the location of the individuals listed below. If you have. How to Find Out if You Have a Warrant in California · Requesting a criminal background check (also known as criminal history information or record) · Searching a. ABOUT CHARGES: The warrant database does not store the charge information in plain English. If you want to know the meaning of a charge, use the California.

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If you are pulled over for a traffic stop like running a red light or speeding, the officer who stops you will run your name through the database and will see. Arrest warrants are typically issued when police officers or a district attorney suspects that the person named in the warrant has committed a crime. Bench. Interested persons may also visit specific Clerks of Court, county websites, or Sheriff's Office websites to find warrants. Some of these websites offer search.

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You may browse the list below, or search by first name, last name, DOC number, crime, or county. Click on any result to see more detailed information. Please be. How do I know what I'm being accused of? Will the police officer tell me what my charges are? A: If the allegation is a misdemeanor, the police will usually. What information do you need to clear a warrant? You will have to contact the Sacramento Superior Court to see if your court date can be changed.