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Burning wood pellets in a pellet stove is the preferred heating method for more than one million households across the United States. Wood pellet stoves have high comfort advantages over conventional wood stoves. Once filled with wood pellets, the pellet stove automatically provides consistent. What is a Pellet Heater Pellet heaters, also called pellet ovens or stoves, are an efficient, clean way of heating your home. Instead of using chopped wood.

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Pellet stoves are more popular than ever as many homeowners embrace green living. Rather than burning fossil fuels, pellet stoves burn renewable biomass. Wood pellets burn easily, are environmentally friendly and are made especially for wood burning stoves. An Irish manufactured product delivered to your. Wood pellets are an excellent primary or secondary heating source · Environmentally safe, and are a recyclable energy · Pellets are approximately 1 to 1 ½ ” long.

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We have fed these into our two pellet stoves for two winters. These Stove Chow Pellets provide excellent heat with minimal ash. We dispose of the ash into our. A common thing you will have to decide on is what type of wood pellets you use for your pellet burning stove: hardwood or softwood. While hardwood burns longer. A pellet stove does not have a non-catalytic or catalytic interior, but it does have a combustion chamber which receives the pellets from the.